JustHost Review: Cheap Web Hosting Services

Are you looking for reliable, cheap web hosting services that won't burn a hole in your pocket?

JustHost is known among the most low cost web hosting providers in the industry, thanks to its inexpensive hosting plans, great deals and variety of features.

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Our extensive JustHost review includes all the important aspects one should know about the provider, for example:

Is JustHost the cheap website hosting provider you have been looking for?

Find out by reading our expert review!

JustHost home page screenshot

JustHost home page

There are always pros and cons to each web hosting provider so let's take a look at JustHost's pros and cons:

Pros Cons
Anytime money back guarantee Weekly backups aren't guaranteed
Variety of features Excessive upselling
Free domain name  
Affordable prices  

Where JustHost Began...

JustHost has been around since 2008 and they have become a leading name in the world of webhosting.

The company was founded by Chris Phillips who started his first web hosting business at the age of 17.

He has been featured in a BBC article as one of the richest teens in the UK.

They take their branding extremely seriously and their customer service is one of their top priorities.

The company was acquired by EIG in 2010.

EIG is a large technology company that has ownership of a number of big webhosting providers such as HostGator and BlueHost.

Their data center is located in Provo, Utah.

Cheap Web Hosting Plans

JustHost ensures that they cater not only to small business owners, but also larger businesses and enterprises.

They do this by offering the option of dedicated hosting along with shared and VPS hosting!

This aspect will definitely attract larger business owners as they will be looking to launch and manage websites with high traffic.

JustHost offers shared, VPS and dedicated hosting, let's have a closer look at each type of hosting:

Shared Hosting Plans

JustHost offers three types of shared hosting plans:

shared hosting packages

Shared hosting plans

These cheap web hosting plans come with excellent performance and useful features, their prices are also very affordable!

Target Audience

The Starter package is most suitable for people who are looking to have a simple blog or website without all the added features.

The Plus package is a popular option among small business owners as it offers all the right features to start a new website.

The Business Pro is the perfect option for larger businesses who require more functionality to their websites.

shared hosting plans comparison table

Shared hosting comparison table

VPS Hosting Plans

JustHost offers four VPS hosting plans:

VPS plans

VPS hosting plans

Their VPS hosting plans are one of their most popular cheap hosting plans as they provide speed which is what a lot of people are looking for and it is also a good balance between shared and dedicated hosting.

VPS hosting is a great option for people who are new to the world of cheap website hosting and for those would want to focus on their business.

VPS comparison table

VPS plans comparison table

Dedicated Hosting

If you are expecting high traffic to your site, then one of the dedicated options is definitely the way to go!

An added bonus is that JustHost's pricing for their dedicated hosting packages are extremely reasonable!

Their dedicated servers are custom made with the best software and resources.

JustHost offers three dedicated hosting plans:

Dedicated plans

Dedicated hosting plans

Target Audience:

The Standard hosting plan is good for smaller businesses who are expanding quickly and require a little extra power to continue expanding. It is an ideal option for ecommerce sites that outgrow sharing a site with others.

The Enhanced plan is a good option for more established businesses who are ready to take the next step with their online presence by taking advantage of the flexibility of dedicated servers and therefore using that to expand their business.

The Premium package is perfect for businesses that are already thriving. These kinds of businesses already have a very high traffic flow and extensive web functionalities. This plan is ideal for businesses whose performance and response time is linked to their success.

dedicated hosting comparison

Dedicated hosting plans comparison table

Pricing: Cause Money Makes the World Go Round

Money is one of the main things people think about when it comes to just about everything...

and choosing a low cost web hosting provider is no exception!

Because of this, we have provided a list of prices for all the cheap hosting plans offered by JustHost:

Shared Hosting Prices: ($ USD)

Term (Months) Basic Starter Plus Pro
1 9.99 7.99 14.99 29.99
12 8.99 7.49 12.99 25.99
24 8.49 6.99 11.99 24.99
36 7.99 5.99 10.99 23.99


VPS Hosting Prices: ($ USD)

Term (Months) Standard Enhanced Premium Ultimate
1 29.99 59.99 89.99 119.99
3 28.99 56.99 84.99 114.99
6 26.99 53.99 79.99 109.99
12 24.99 49.99 74.99 99.99


Dedicated Hosting Prices: ($ USD)

Term (Months) Standard Enhanced Premium
1 149.99 199.99 249.99
3 144.99 189.99 239.99
6 134.99 179.99 224.99
12 124.99 169.99 209.99

Customers are able to pay by credit card and PayPal.

Ease of Use

JustHost has made it extremely simple for their users to set up their hosting accounts as well as for them to maneuver around the site.

There is a level of ease for users as they browse through the website.

The low cost web hosting plans and services are very easy to find, which ensures that you have easy access to all the information you may need!

Sign Up Process

The sign up process is also extremely simple and user-friendly!

The process consists of three simple steps:

Step 1: Choosing the relevant package

All the packages that are offered are of great value, it all comes down to you choosing which plan will meet your needs.

Step 2: Choosing a domain name

Once you have decided which cheap hosting plans you would like to go with, you will need to choose your free domain name.

Set up process 2

Set up process step 2

Step 3: Entering your personal and billing information

The final step after your domain name has been approved, is filling out all your relevant personal and billing information.

This information includes:


Setting up a website is not a simple task, especially if it is your first time doing it.

You can watch this short video explaining the basics of cPanel

Most people want the process of set up to be simple and easy.

Even if you have set up and run websites in the past you will still prefer an easy way of doing what you need to do!

If you are starting a new account, it is extremely important that you are able to gain and maintain full control over your website.

This can be done JustHost's impressive cPanel!

JustHost makes use of the cPanel as the backend of its hosting accounts.

It is a standard industry panel which means there is plenty of guides and tutorials on the Internet if you require assistance.

The cPanel allows you to set up an account with ease, easy access to your emails and manage your emails.

The backend is the first thing you will see after you have signed into your account so you can get working on it as soon as you sign up!

Some control panels can be a bit tricky and confusing to use, especially if you are a newbie!


This is not the case with JustHost's control panel!

It's super simple and straightforward to use.

If you are still not 100 percent sold on the control panel, JustHost have a control panel demo where you can see the layout of the control panel before you pay a single cent!


cPanel demo

Knowledge Database

Some people are always hungry for more information and to learn more!

JustHost takes this into consideration and provides their knowledge hungry visitors with an entire database of information that will help them understand the process of low cost web hosting.

Variety of Features

JustHost offers their customers a variety of "must have" features to choose from which is something that most people look for in a cheap website hosting provider!

Here is a list of some of the impressive features that you can expect from JustHost:

Free Domain Registration
Unlimited GBs of bandwidth and space
Free site builder
Unlimited domain hosting
99.9% uptime
24/7 customer support
Anytime money-back guarantee
Free instant setup
Free ad credits
Unlimited email accounts

As you can see JustHost offers their users a variety of free features that is a very attractive aspect to many people!

Along with these technical features, this cheap web hosting service also offers a variety of marketing and bonus features:

Marketing & Bonus Features  
SEO tools
Free website builder
Shopping cart support
Free $100 Google gift cards
Templates that can be customized easily
Site statistics program
Content management system add-on

99.9% Uptime

JustHost is a company that is committed to providing a reliable hosting environment for its users.

This includes ensuring that their customer's websites are hosted on servers that provide high, quality performance.

Because of this, users can be reassured that their site's uptime is reliable and secure!

Cancellation Policy

Money Back Guarantee

JustHost offers a 30-day money back guarantee for new hosting registrations.

Keep in mind however that some aspects that are offered do not apply under the refund policy.

These aspects include the purchasing of SSL certificates, cPanel and WordPress QuickStart,Site Backup Pro and Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) to name a few.

If you cancel your subscription within the first thirty days of registering, you will receive a full refund of all the fees paid in connection with the registration, with the exception of the non-refundable aspects mentioned above.

Another attract aspect of JustHost is that they offer an anytime money back guarantee!


If you decide you want to cancel your hosting account after the period of 30 days, JustHost will give you a prorated refund.

This means that you will get a refund for the remaining months on your account that you never used.

Keep in mind that this also does not include the different aspects that were discussed earlier.

We recommend that you take a look at the Terms & Conditions and familiarize yourself with all information regarding cancellations so that situation does arise you will know what to expect!

Auto Renewal

This is one of those policies that are offered by almost every cheap web hosting service, yet most people seem to forget it exists.

JustHost will automatically renew your subscription 15 days prior to its expiration.

The company considers this an act of courtesy so that you don't have to worry about renewing your subscription every month.


Some people considers this policy to be more of a burden so how can you cancel this auto renewal policy?

It is pretty simple!

All you have to do is notify JustHost that you would like to cancel the auto renewal policy at least 16 business days before your account expires.

You can do this by either placing a call to customer service, opening a ticket or opening a live chat.

Customer Support

JustHost prides itself in providing the best possible service for their users!

They are 100% dedicated in making sure that their customers are able to be in touch with them whenever the need arises.

Their support is available 24/7 and they offer a variety of options for their customers to be in touch with their representatives.

The support team works on customer care to give their visitors answers to their questions that are fully knowledgeable.

They are there to give you useful advice, help you fix any problems you may be experiencing and if you are not satisfied with their services, they are there to ensure the cancellation process goes smoothly!

They offer phone, email and live chat and because of this, you will always be able to be in touch with one of their representatives if you require assistance.

customer support options

Customer support links

This will give you a sense of stability knowing that if anything every goes wrong, you will be able to be in touch with someone as soon as possible to get the problem solved.


We tested out their live chat option:

live chat

Live chat time

And we are pleased to say that the response time was about a minute and then a representative was in touch to help.

They also direct you to articles on their database to assist you with your query!

Discounts for Students

JustHost takes an interest in the youth of today's time and ensure that every student has the chance to be exposed to the word of webhosting if they wish!

They offer a program called the University Program where students can participate and get discounted student rates for the cheap web hosting services.

All the student has to do is while registering for their account, be in touch with a support representative through the various contact options and they will be able to assist in getting the discounts for the students.

We applaud JustHost for allowing the youth to have the opportunity to become potential business owners!

Social Media

JustHost is keeping up with the times with their extensive list of various social media platforms.

Most people today deal mostly with social media and it is a great way to get your business's name out there as well as be in contact with your customers.

This cheap web hosting service can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

Facebook screenshot

Facebook image

While you can use these platforms to be in touch with representatives, we suggest that you be in touch through their support system as their response time will be quicker!

Twitter screenshot

Twitter image

So...Is That a Yes or No For JustHost?

While JustHost may not be the most impressive web hosting provider out there...it still has some redeeming qualities that will be attractive to some people!

It is considered to be one of the most low cost web hosting providers out there!

This is a fantastic attraction as price is one of the main things people look for when searching for a cheap web hosting service.

Add on the fact that they also offer an impressive amount of features considering their price and you get a very attractive, cheap website hosting provider!


It is important to keep in mind that going the cheap route is not always the best and JustHost may not offer you what you are looking for.

If this is the case, take a look at our domain hosting reviews to see if one of the other hosting providers will better suit your needs!

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JustHost understands that finding a reliable and cheap web hosting provider is not an easy task so they collected all the relevant information that their customers will need to make a decision and put it one place. They pride themselves on their commitment and dedication to their customers and want to ensure that their users make the most informed decision when choosing their hosting provider!

Date published:November 13, 2018
9.2 / 10 stars


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