iPage Web Hosting Review - Low Cost Hosting at Its Best

There are a myriad of options out there when it comes to cheap web hosting, cheap shared hosting, and cheap unlimited hosting.

The operative word seems to be "cheap."

Cheap can sometimes mean expensive if you don't know what to expect from a hosting provider.

Well, not to worry! I have you covered with my knowledge of and experience with all kinds of web hosting providers.

If you're looking for a cheap hosting solution, iPage has a lot to offer.

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So let's start this iPage review by breaking down iPage.com - a brilliant low cost hosting provider - to see if it lives up to its good reputation.

History of iPage

iPage is up there in the game of cheap web hosting from 1998. 

iPage - Low cost hosting

Low cost hosting - iPage

It was re-launched in 2009 and operated by the Endurance International Group, who is also the owner of other web hosting companies such as: BlueHost and Hostgator.

Money-Back Guarantee - 30-Day Agreement

iPage follows suit with most web hosting providers with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

It isn't the best, but it could be the result of iPage being a cheap web hosting company.

Why do I say this?

Some other web hosting players offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

It is important to note that if you decide to move to a different provider, you need to set a reminder in your calendar.

Another thing to take into consideration is that if you buy additional services from iPage, like a domain registration service, you will NOT be refunded by the company for them.

Hosting Plans - Cheap Shared Hosting, VPS & Dedicated Server

iPage offers 3 kinds of low cost hosting, namely: shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated server.

Let's start with the cheap shared hosting plan iPage offers.

What makes this cheap unlimited hosting plan useful is that it includes:

This is called the "Essential" plan and goes for 1.99 USD p.m. 

Theoretically, this shared hosting plan can be labeled a cheap unlimited hosting package; however, when the package undergoes a test run with an uploaded site of thousands of daily users who download movie files, iPage will immediately email you saying that you need to upgrade your plan.

What am I getting at?

My point is that unlimited storage and bandwidth are popular buzzwords which most web hosting companies offer.

If you need more customization and have a bigger supply demand for your hosting service, the VPS (Virtual Private Server) plans are the way to go.

These plans range between 19.99 USD - 79.99 USD per month.

In my opinion, that is pretty cheap web hosting!

The price range depends on the combination of CPU/RAM and disk space, which is allocated to you. Moreover, they also cap (1-4 TB) the Total Bandwdith consumption per plan.

Now, if you need unlimited control of your hardware, the Dedicated Server plan is your go-to solution.

This plan ranges from 119.99 USD - 191.99 USD, depending on the processing power you need.

Before you pick the hosting plan that best suits your needs, I suggest you decide on your hosting strategy. Once this is clarified, you can narrow down your options to cheap shared hosting, VPS, or a Dedicated Server.

Managed VPS hosting plan on iPage - low cost hosting

Managed VPS hosting plan on iPage.com - low cost hosting

This web hosting tips article explains the pros and cons of each plan, and the differences between them.

Pricing - From Promotional Pricing to Payment Options

Promotional Price

Most hosting providers try to hide the total price in the small print!

What do we mean by total price?

The total price includes the long-term costs of a plan, in most cases after 12 months when the price goes up automatically.

These companies use a two-fold trick:

My suggestion to you is that no matter which web hosting plan you opt for, give yourself about a 3-week reminder before the auto-renewal button kicks in and the price esaclates in turn.

Here is a clear summary of iPage's low cost hosting plans, which includes iPage's fine print and adjustments.

NOTE: All the prices are in USD per month:

Type Name First Term Next Term Money-Back RAM Storage Bandwidth IP Support
Shared  Essential 1.99 12.95 30-Day Shared Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Core Managed
VPS Basic 19.99 24.99 30-Day 1 GB 40 GB 1 TB 1 Fully Managed
VPS Business 47.99 59.99 30-Day 4 GB 90 GB 3 TB 2 Fully Managed
VPS Optimum 79.99 99.99 30-Day 8 GB 120 GB 4 TB 2 Fully Managed
Dedicated Startup 119.99 149.99 30-Day 4 GB 500 GB 5 TB 3 Fully Managed
Dedicated Professional 151.99 189.99 30-Day 8 GB 1000 GB 10 TB 4 Fully Managed
Dedicated Enterprise 191.99 239.99 30-Day 16 GB 1000 GB 15 TB 5 Fully Managed

Payment Options

iPage accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

iPage offers credit card and PayPal payment options

iPage.com's credit card and PayPal payment options

It would be more convenient if ACH and bitcoin were also options.

Green Web Hosting - Not Just a Cheap Host

Chew on this:

The average web hosting server indirectly produces 1390 pounds of carbon dioxide each year!

Most web hosting servers pull energy directly from the local electric grid, and most of that electrical energy comes from fossil fuels and non-renewable resources. 

Owing to the rapid expansion of Information Technology and server hosting, these companies are more than likely to contribute to 5% of global climate change.

On the brighter side, iPage claims that the company buys wind energy credits to put back into the grid. This is 2X more than the amount of energy they consume! 

In case you're confused...

This low cost hosting company is not operated by wind energy; and iPage is actually connected to the normal power grid. What makes this cheap host green is that iPage buys credit and someone else generates electric power and injects it into the Power Grid.

Uptime Monitor - Measuring the Uptime

I have a trick of the trade to share with you!

Most online reviews monitor iPage.com's website in order to get a real-time picture of the low cost hosting provider's uptime history.

I find this approach inaccurate because monitoring a website, or even more than one website, will not give you a true reflection of the real uptime of iPage.com.

Most web hosting services are aware of the fact that their websites are monitored 24/7 for statistical data gathering, and owing to this they take extra care to make sure this specific website is always up and running with redundant alternatives.

Nobody can guarantee that these hosting companies do the same for all the other services in their data center. 

I have researched iPage's network infrastructure and mapped out the key elements of the BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) AS number, and I have decided to monitor several key backbone infrastructure routers and load balancers.

This is their AS Number:

AS29873 BIZLAND-ASN Endurance International Group

I decided to check infrastructure F5 load balancers that hold thousands of domains (probably the shared hosting servers).

This should give me a very accurate reading of their stability and uptime!

I will not disclose their Network Diagram online in order to keep their structure safe and secure.

This is what Load Balancer 1 looks like: 

iPages's F5 load balancer 1 - measures the uptime of the low cost hosting service

Measures the uptime of the low cost hosting service - iPages's F5 load balancer 1

Another diagram called Load Balancer 2 shows the following:

iPages's F5 load balancer 2 - measures the uptime of the low cost hosting service

Measures the uptime of the low cost hosting service - iPages's F5 load balancer 2

In the monitor I can see that they have 100% uptime in the last 30 days and the latency (time for first byte response) is between 40-50 milliseconds; all in all very good results!

Which Hosting Features Does iPage Offer?

Different hosting companies provide many added value services for running and building a website.

Added value services for low cost hosting on iPage

Added value services for low cost hosting on iPage.com

In this table, I have created a short list of the most important features of iPage as well as useful remarks for your consideration.

Services    Remarks
Domain Name Management Yes/unlimited We recommend you host your domain with external services and not with the hosting company
Backup Yes 1.08 UDS extra on shared plan; free on all other plans
Website Builder Yes  
WordPress Yes  
SSL Yes 1.67 USD extra per month
E-commerce Yes  
Email Management Yes/unlimited  
MySQL Databases Yes/unlimited  

Online Advertising & Marketing Credits

Although most webmasters will not do online advertising when you opt in for a new account on iPage, they do offer you Marketing Credits on Google, Facebook, and Yahoo.

It is a nifty strategy, but unless you're a real pro at online marketing, you will either flash it in a non-optimized campaign or just not use it.

If you're a real marketing guru, you already have this account, so this credit will not help you or change your decision about your hosting needs.

These are the costs you expect from each advertising provider:

Google AdWords 100 USD
Bing Ads Credit 100 USD
Facebook Available by request only

Control Panel - Custom Built Control & Cpanel

iPage.com's cPanel option

cPanel on iPage web hosting

When it comes to the control panel, iPage likes to add a little mix to things.

More interesting, no?

This cheap web hosting company uses a combination of custom built control panel and Cpanel, which is enabled for the VPS and dedicated hosting. If you use cheap shared hosting, iPage customizes it for you, which isn't always ideal.

Custom build control panel on iPage web hosting

iPage web hosting - Custom build control panel

New businesses should use a control panel with easy configuration. This is extremely important as it eliminates the need for deep Linux and Apache install scripts knowledge.

It may take some time for you to get used to the control panel; once you get a grip a good grip of it your life will become much easier, and you can move to a different hosting provider should you desire to.

Wait, there is more!

Another wonderful touch of iPage is the ability to reboot the server from the control panel!

iPage.com's reboot button on the control panel

Reboot option on the iPage control panel

I hope you won't need to reboot; however, it is always nice to have this type of control at one click of a button!

Measuring Customer Service & Support

Our reviews measure Customer Support by segmenting the test into 4 parts:

  1. Type of ticket (pre-sale or technical support)
  2. Response time
  3. Quality of answer
  4. Medium (ticket/email/phone/online chat)

I always test the Customer Care Support on Monday morning in order to test quality readings and the common baseline of comparison.

Pre-Sale Support

I sent the sales ticket from the website and I did not get an answer for 12 hours.

Pre-sale inquiry to iPage's customer support

Pre-sale inquiry to iPage.com's customer support

 I decided to take the situation further and send an email directly to their support inbox.

Pre-sale inquiry to iPage's customer support inbox

Pre-sale inquiry to iPage.com's customer support inbox

Technical Support

I opened a ticket at 11:45 and I got an answer after 120 minutes.

Technical support query to iPage's customer support team

Technical support query to iPage.com's customer support team

This is a very good response time; however, I wasn't given a solution to my problem as it seems that they didn't understand my query.

Technical query response time from iPage's customer support team

Technical query response time from iPage.com's customer support team

Chat & Phone Customer Support

Customer Support is a vital part of web hosting services.

I also tested the chat and phone support; I managed to speak to the iPage support representative within 1 minute.

Overall iPage has very good customer support coverage, but I expect their support specialists to understand my issue or query before they reply with an irrelevant answer.

Company Infrastructure - How is it Built & Configured?

This is always good to know, even if it does not always influence your choice.

iPage.com claims that its networks have redundant configuration.

They have 2 data centers in the Boston, MA area.

Their BGP is AS29873 BIZLAND-ASN Endurance International Group, which is connected to 2 ISPs.

What does this really mean?


If your main audience is located in the USA, iPage has got you covered; however, if you are targeting other countries, you should consider either using different cheap web hosting providers or adding a CDN service.

What's the Bottom Line?

Here is what I can sum up if my iPage.com user experience in a nutshell:

Pros Cons
Price - low cost hosting Auto-renewal of plan
Responsive customer support Auto-renewal - automatic higher price
Money-back guarantee They do not offer fanatic support
Control panel  

To conclude:

iPage has a lot to offer if you are looking for low cost hosting and a budget deal.

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If you are feeling lost in the world of web hosting and your goal is to find the best low cost hosting provider, then you're at the right place!

You may just have a technical question that you'd like our professional team to address; the best thing to do is Contact Us with your budget specifications and any other criteria you are searching for.

What makes our professional team top-notch is that we sift through thousands of cheap web hosting services and send you a tailored fit. This usually includes a list with the ideal cheap host, or whatever it is you're looking for, with all the criteria that you requested based on our expert opinion.

What's more?

We provide this assistance for free, and in most cases, we will answer you within 24 hours.

I thought I would share a bit of information about myself:

I have over 15 years of experience working with customers who use all types of of web services, from shared Wordpress hosting to top-tier sites that run on F5 network load balances, to cheap shared hosting, and Amazon cloud services, etc.

Over the years I have developed the know-how to identify the most essential elements to look out for when one needs to decide what the best web hosting provider is for any project. 

iPage can be coined a low cost hosting provider because of its enticing web hosting packages that offer a great deal for your money. The thing about cheap web hosting, is that it still needs to offer quality service and deals, and iPage fulfills the needs for a top-notch cheap host in the industry. With options of cheap shared hosting, cheap unlimited hosting, and other deals, iPage definitely makes the cut in the review process of the top web hosting providers. This service is definitely a good choice for those webmasters who need low cost but efficient domain hosting options.

Date published:November 5, 2018
9.6 / 10 stars


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