InMotion Hosting: The Best Web Hosting for Small Business


You have just launched you very first business…

It's small at the moment, but you have very big plans for the future!

Now, how do you give it that little push so that it can turn into that successful business in your vision?

Well, we have the answer for you:

A kick ass web hosting platform to promote your business... but where do you start?

You start by choosing InMotion, who provides the best web hosting for small business needs, and they will help jump start your journey to success.

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And that’s where we come in!

Our informative InMotion hosting review will provide you with every detail that is needed to see if this is the best business website hosting for you!

Inmotion home page screenshot

Inmotion home page

Here are some pros and cons to give you a little insight into the company:

Pros Cons
90 day money-back guarantee Limited number of add on domains
Max Speed Zone Pricey
Free SSD hosting Verification via phone
Excellent customer support No free trial

A Little Bit of History Behind InMotion hosting:

InMotion is the best web hosting for small business owners with a with a strong brand and solid name.

They have been around the block with over a decade of presence in the web hosting industry and are wholly employee-owned!

Their reputation boasts the best in world-class hosting hardwares, service and no-compromising policies.

Here’s the deal:

They offer Linux-based shared, VPS and dedicated hosting, which provides a wide variety of options for their customers.

They are highly catered towards small-medium sized businesses but also cater to newbies!

Their business motto is to "bring quality service to the mass market with the impressive knowledge of its staff".

So… Who Should Use InMotion?

Everyone uses webhosting for different reasons which is why you should pick the provider that meets your needs!


InMotion is focused on small business web hosting and on people who understand the value of their services and products!

This hosting service is a fantastic provider for people who own or want to own private websites.

It is also a perfect match for small or large commercial enterprises.

But wait! Webhosting newbies need not worry:

InMotion is also a great provider if you are running a WordPress blog or if you're just getting started!

InMotion Hosting Plans

Whether you are a business owner or someone who just wants to start a brand new tech blog, InMotion will have a suitable plan for you!

They offer a variety of different plans and each plan offers a range of features and different levels of performance.

Now the question comes in:

Which plan do you go with?

We have provided you with a brief overview of all the different plans they have to offer!

This is to ensure you have all the information you could possibly need to have the best experience with webhosting:

Shared Hosting Options

InMotion offers their customers three different plans for shared hosting.

They are divided into:

Shared hosting plans

InMotion shared hosting plans

These options are very well suited for small business web hosting, and other clients with minimal traffic!

These plans are very similar but they do differ according to some aspects like allowed add-on domains, pricing and number of hosted databases.

Have a look at our comparison table so you can see the differences between the plans:

Shared hosting comparison

Shared hosting comparison table

VPS Hosting Plans

VPS Hosting is a great option for you if your website has outgrown a shared hosting plan.

And luckily for you, InMotion offers some fantastic VPS plans which include a mixture of good performance, prices and features.

They offer three VPS Hosting packages:

VPS hosting options

VPS hosting plans

Here’s the lowdown:

The VPS-1000HA-S is a good solution for those looking to learn how to use cPanel, apply the command line and possibly becoming a reseller.

The VPS-2000HA-S is best suited for those of you who are running more CPU intensive tasks, multiple CMS software installations and those who are reselling hosting to more advanced users.

The VPS-3000HA-S is a great fit for large enterprises that run multiple databases and host files.

VPS hosting options comparison table

VPS hosting plans comparison table

Wait! There’s more!

All VPS packages come with the following features:

Dedicated Hosting Plans

It’s totally understandable…

Some of us can be control freaks now and then!

If you feel like you need a bit more control over your hosting, it will be worth looking into dedicated hosting.

InMotion offers six different dedicated hosting plans:

Dedicated hosting options

Dedicated hosting plans

Dedicated hosting options commercial class

Dedicated hosting plans commercial class

Still not sure which dedicated plan will be the best fit for you?

Not to worry!

Here's a table comparing all the aspects and features of each option:

Dedicated hosting option comparison table

Dedicated Hosting Comparison Table

Advantages & Disadvantages of Each Plan

We know it can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to choosing which plan would best suit you!

Don't worry!

We are here to help...

We have complied a list of advantages and disadvantages of each plan to help you with your decision:

Shared Hosting:

Pros Cons
Good for newbies Hardware specs are slower
Cheaper Limited features
Fully managed Limited access to the server
  Cannot customize the server to match your needs

VPS Hosting:

Pros Cons
Unlimited number of databases Still sharing a machine with other accounts
Can customize your server to match your needs More expensive
Faster high end machines  

Dedicated Hosting:

Pros Cons
Ability to add on hardware if needed Most expensive
You can create VPS containers within your server Limited assistance from tech support as owner has most of the control
You manage your own server  

How to Sign up to the World of InMotion Hosting

Here's the good news:

The sign up process is not long, only consists of 4 steps!

Once you have decided which plan would be the best fit for you, you just click on the option, order and begin the sign up process.

Set up process choice of plan

Set up process

Step 1:

The first step includes choosing which plan you want (12, 24, 36 months).

Set up process choose package

Set up process - step 1

Step 2:

Next you need to decide on your domain name, either you are able to choose a new domain name or you can use an existing name if you have one.

set up process domain name

Set up process - step 2

Step 3:

This step is just a confirmation of the plan you have chosen and to let you know that your domain name is available.

Set up process confirmation

Set up process - step 3

Step 4:

The final step is a bit longer as this is where you enter all your personal information and your billing details.

Do not forget to choose your server location! :)

set up process personal information

Set up process - step 4

Set up process billing information

Set up process - step 4a

And that's a wrap!

You are now officially a member of the exciting world of small business web hosting!

One more thing to keep in mind:

InMotion Hosting is very strict when it comes to spam and security!

You will only be able to access your site once a representative from the company has called and made sure you are a proper person with pure intentions.

Could take up to 30 minutes for someone to call.

Need your website straight away? No need to panic!

If you need your site to be live right away, you can always call support so that they can activate your site as soon as possible!

Ease of Use: Easy as Pie

InMotion is not complicated to use which allows for newcomers to move around the site with ease!

They make use of the cPanel interface which is extremely user-friendly.

Both beginners and experienced users will enjoy the layout with easy access to all of the most popular services and tools!

So if you need to use any feature such as Joomla or WordPress, you are guaranteed hassle-free and easy installs.

Better still:

cPanel learning is provided for people who are using the service for the first time through their cPanel Education Channel.

This Education Channel includes tutorials, how-tos, articles and FAQs.

The cPanel comes with a variety of well-known content management systems such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and many more!

Added bonus:

They offer a cPanel demo so you can test out the way everything will look before you purchase anything!

cpanel layout

cPanel Demo

Pricing... Cause Money Makes the World Go Round

Unfortunately, nothing in life is free...

And the same goes for InMotion's plans!

These prices are certainly not the cheapest, so why bother paying when other hosting providers offer free hosting?

Here's why we think you may want to invest in this small business web hosting service:

They put a lot of emphasis on the quality of their service and offer a variety of features with each plan.

Who wouldn't want to invest in quality service?

Plus, you can pay by any method of payment, except PayPal.

Shared Hosting Plan Prices: (USD) per month

Plan Price
Launch 4.89
Power 6.29
Pro 10.49

VPS Hosting Plan Prices: (USD) per month

Plan Price
VPS-1000HA-S 29.99
VPS-2000HA-S 49.99
VPS-3000HA-S 74.99

Dedicated Hosting Plan Prices: (USD) per month

Plan Price
Essential 119.99
Advanced 159.99
Elite 229.99
Commercial 500 419.99
Commercial 1000 489.99
Commercial 2000 589.99

Server Location… You can Choose!

This is one of the aspects that sets this provider apart from other small business web hosting providers!

Most providers only make use of one data center, but not InMotion…

They have not one, but two connected data centers!


This allows the improvement of connectivity and access speeds for hosted sites.

What customer wouldn’t want that from their provider??

Their data centers are based on the East and West coast, one in Los Angeles and one in Washington.

Various data locations

Multiple data locations

You can choose which data location is situated closest to you which will therefore give you the option to optimize user experience!

Solid State Hard Drives (SSD)

Here is another fantastic aspect that makes InMotion the best web hosting for small business!!

You are able to use solid-state drives to host all types of data,

Solid State Drives are the fastest drives known in the tech world at the moment.

There are no restrictions with how you use the SSD Hosting and that's where InMotion is superior.

Wait! There's more:

Every hosting account comes with SSD!

The SSD ensures fast and reliable writing and reading speed, which means that your website will load faster.

Cancellation Policy

Sometimes things don’t work out or something better suited comes along…

And in this situation you may want cancel your contract.

So, how does this work?

You will be required to have ready the following information before contacting the provider:

Once you have all the relevant information, you can contact the Support and Billing Department by either calling, live chat or creating a ticket.

It really is an extremely simple process!

As changing needs are a common trait of young companies, by allowing immediate cancellations InMotion positions itself further as the provider of the best web hosting for small business owners.

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Unfortunately, InMotion does not offer customers a free trial to try out their hosting services.


They do boast an impressive 90-day money back guarantee for shared webhosting!

This is the longest time period to get a refund, that is offered by a hosting company!

Think about it:

When looking at other webhosting providers, you will usually come across a 30-day guarantee or if you're lucky a 45-day guarantee.

This essentially means that you have 90 days to test their services and if you aren't satisfied, you will get your money back.

One more thing to remember:

If you have a VPS or Dedicated plan, you are only eligible for a 30-day money back guarantee.

How to Disable the Auto-Renew?

This is one of those pesky features that is a consistent feature of webhosting providers…


The process of cancellation is very straightforward and we will explain how to go about it.

All you have to do is contact the Support Department and request that your account is set to expire.

After this, your account will no longer be active after the time that has been paid in advance.


If you decide in the future that you would like to renew your contract again, all you have to do is contact Support again and they will happily renew your account!

World Class Customer Support

One of the main aspects that should be on the top of your priority list is the quality of customer support!

InMotion takes their customer support very seriously!

Here are a few features of their support system that are extremely impressive:

It is clear that this company pays very special attention to their customers!

If you are a verified customer, you will have access to a ticketing system where you can contact the support team.

The additional support channels they offer, which are available 24/7, consist of:

We tested out their live chat option to see how quick their response time was:

Support portal response

Live chat response

The response time was automatic and immediate!

We found that:

If your answer can be found on their website, they will automatically provide the links where you can find the answer to your question.

For a more do-it-yourself type of person, their website offers thousands of articles and tutorials on their portal.

You can also be in touch with support over their social media platforms...

But it may be easier to contact them through the support portal than over social media.


Another very helpful aspect that is included in their support portal is their FAQs section

FAQ options

InMotion FAQ options

The section is divided into 3 sections:

When you click on the various options, you are redirected to a page full of answers and tutorials that will assist you with your query!

FAQ answers

InMotion FAQ answers

Now isn't that impressive?

Summary of More Awesome FREE Features:

InMotion offers a variety of great features that will make your small business web hosting experience that much more fun and easy!

Here are a few of our stand out features:

Free Transfers

Just like most hosting companies, InMotion will happily transfer your website from your previous host to their servers for free.

However, they go one step further for their customers:

They mention that if a cPanel transfer cannot be done, they will try transfer up to three times for free!

This is another example how this hosting provider goes out of their way to meet their customer's needs!

Free Domain

And the freebies just keep on coming!

Every plan you purchase comes with a free domain name.

How awesome is that?

Free Backup

This is a very important aspect when you host your site online.

Website backup is vital in case your website is hacked or gets deleted accidentally.

InMotion provides regular backups without any cost!

Good Quality Hosting

Let’s be honest:

No one wants to invest in a provider that is not going to provide!

With InMotion… you don’t have to worry about that!

This company is known as the best web hosting for business objectives and they certainly have the goods to prove it.

They hold a 10-year record for being chosen as the top-rated Hosting Company by CNET!

How is that for an accomplishment??

Wait! It doesn’t stop there!

InMotion also enjoys A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau!

It is considered a huge honor as the BBB sets out to inspect the integrity and performances of businesses.

This is the highest possible rating a company could receive!

Students Get 50% Off!!

InMotion doesn't only provide the best web hosting for small business founders...

One of InMotion's core values is to ensure that all students and young people in all communities have access to technology.

InMotion Hosting makes sure that even students will still be able to afford their services!

How great is that?

They want to make sure that students find better things to put their savings towards.

All students have to do is enter their .edu email address and then their shared hosting order will be processed with a 50% discount.

Student web hosting

Student hosting option

It's as easy as that!

If you do not have a .edu email address, do not stress!

You can be touch with their Confirmations Team and all you have to do send through a copy of your student I.D.

Web Hosting for Educators

Students are not the only ones InMotion thinks about!

They offer a FREE shared hosting account if you are an educator, administrator or educational professional!

Educators should contact the Confirmations Team and they will assist them in setting up their account.

This service provider wants to assist educators in accomplishing their teaching goals...

Now who wouldn't want to sign up with a company like that??

Important Things to Keep in Mind

Unfortunately, no webhosting provider is perfect and they all have their faults.

This also applies to InMotion!

While this provider has a long list of positive attributes, there are one or two downfalls:

Signup verification via phone

Once you have decided on a plan and paid for it, they will require verification via phone.

Which means:

You will only be able to log into your account and start setting up your site once a staff member has called and confirmed you are not a robot or a spammer.

It is fantastic that they put their foot down regarding spam and illegal activities!


You may only receive a phone call half an hour after you purchased a plan.

Need access straight away? It's all good!

You can call up their support system and verify that you are in fact not a robot or spammer.

Checkout Procedure

Their checkout layout seems to be a bit outdated and complicated.

The process is made longer by old set up and it is not the most attractive thing to look at.

The issue here is that the process wastes unnecessary time but overall the entire checkout process could be updated to be more user friendly and attractive!

Outdated Website Builder

The website builder that InMotion uses seems to be a bit old and confusing to use.

Don't get us wrong, you will be able to use the builder as it works well, but the themes are old-fashioned.

With all their accessibility to the latest technology, we are sure they would be able to upgrade their website builder!

Go Green

InMotion Hosting has an invested interest in eco-friendly policies!

One of their core beliefs is that it is better to reduce than to offset energy consumption.

Because of this belief, they have opened the first ever Green Data Center in Los Angeles!

They have done this by utilizing advanced Outside Air Cooling technology and by doing this, they have cut their cooling cost by almost 70% and reduced their carbon output by more than 2000 tons per year.

Today, preserving the Earth's natural resources is extremely important!

So InMotion Hosting scores major brownie points with us for making an effort to be green!

So is that a Thumbs Up or Down for InMotion Hosting?

What is the moral of the story?

The main point of this review is that this company provides the best web hosting for small business!

If the focal idea of your website is to represent your business, then InMotion is the hosting service for you!

But that's not all:

If the main focus of your website is not business related, that's ok!

InMotion has a variety of plans and anyone is guaranteed to find a plan that suits their needs.

We give this service provider a big YES!

They really do take their customer's needs into consideration and will jump through hoops to ensure customer satisfaction.

Try InMotion Hosting

InMotion's business motto is: "bring quality service to the mass market with the impressive knowledge of it's staff". This hosting provider focuses on building up small businesses and helping them transform into successful entities. They do this by ensuring the very best support system which is equipped with an impressive amount of experience. With InMotion, your business will become a success in no time!

InMotion Hosting
Date published:November 2, 2018
9.9 / 10 stars


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