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The following articles are written by our resident web hosting experts.

The goal here is to assist both novice webmasters and experienced professionals by covering a wide array of topics, from the most basic to the complex fine points in the field of web hosting.

Web Hosting Guide

This web hosting guide covers the basic of how the web works and what important factors you need to consider before deciding to purchase a hosting plan. Read my web hosting advice for beginners to decide what type of hosting you need and to which hosting plan you should subscribe. You will learn about the basic concepts of the web and how they work: websites, domains, the internet and the main focus: web hosting and everything about it.

Domain Registration Guide

This guide to domain registration and web hosting covers every aspect of choosing, registering, migrating and hosting your own domain. Learn about the recommended creative process used by domain investors and experts, and find out what you must avoid when searching for the perfect domain name. Educate yourself en route to becoming a professional webmaster, starting with the basics of domain registration and web hosting.

Web Hosting Tips

This article will teach you what factors are the most important when choosing a web hosting provider, and what is simply there to make the offers seem fatter. Just like a bag of chips which looks huge is simply full of air, web hosting providers pump some air into their offers to make it seem more worthwhile. Because it's an industry standard, you can't really do anything about it aside from educating yourself and learning how to separate the weed from the chaff.

Wordpress Web Hosting

Over 20% of today's active websites are built and managed with Wordpress. I've seen the same questions repeat themselves countless times, and even more times than that I've seen articles which don't cover all the important points about Wordpress web hosting and yet somehow manage to reach a word count of 5,000 words. In this short article, I answer all the important questions about Wordpress web hosting without bulking it up with unnecessary, repetitive, and useless information.

Where Do I Start?

Usually, the best place to start is at the beginning.

But with the case of web hosting, the levels of knowledge and experience vary from person to person.

There's no point for you to read advice that you already know, so focus on the articles which cover areas of webhosting and being a webmaster in general, which are most relevant to you and those which will actually help you learn something new.


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