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If you are looking for the ultimate value for your money and the top web hosting sites, you are in the right place. Feel free to contact us with any queries you may have about web hosting services. Our expert team is reliable and level-headed and researches tons of online specifications and reviews so that you have a detailed list of the services to pick from that matches your desires.

The way in which we gain the utmost satisfaction from our site's growing traffic is the massive number of individual questions we receive from our readers via the contact page.

We take care to note all the queries addressed to us from our readers. This article is an amalgamation of all these questions into one user-friendly page so as to attend to all the inquiries at once, in order for you to choose the top web hosting sites straight away.

The Most Common Question Posed to Us

The principal question addressed to us is: "How do you benefit from this vocation? Is there some catch to this? Why would you invest into producing comprehensive and meticulous reviews and advice on the web for free?

This is a valid query!

It has a simple answer.

We don't offer this services for free.

Right, but what does that mean for our readers whom we said it's free for, and as the title of the article suggests?

The answer remains the same where our readers are concerned: the information in the reviews is free to your disposal; however, we are making money for the effort and time we devote to each review.

The compensation isn't derived from our readers.

Read on to get the full picture to learn how we generate our profit.

Affiliate Marketing & Our Top Web Hosting Reviews

A great place to generate income is the internet!

There are a few ways to make revenue when companies publish on the internet.

  1. A flat-fee basis and pay-per-click are two ways companies can charge advertisers for advertising space.
  2. A company can use their website to publish content in order generate traffic, and in turn make sales. The advertiser must pay the publisher the profit made from the sales. This is called an affiliate agreement.

We swear by option 2; this is how we produce income.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

This type of marketing is widespread today!

We are sure you have heard of Amazon.com. This site has an established system that uses affiliate marketing called, Amazon.com Associates.

You are sure to also know coupon sites, namely: slickdeals.net, or hot-deals.org.

Top10WebHostingSites.Org has set up affiliate programs with many web hosting services. They provide us updates of purchases resulting from the recommendation of our website.

This is the way we make an income.

What Makes Our Top Web Hosting Reviews Special?

Most web hosting advice sites only use banner advertising.

What does this mean?

  • You click on a banner ad when you reach a website, such as: inMotion or Green Geeks.
  • A cookie, or tracking device, is attached to your browser so the site can track which ad you clicked on.
  • You purchase a product within 30 days so that the owner of the website makes a commission from the advertiser of the product.

We use a different approach.

Our site does contain passive content on our comprehensive review pages, detailed Q&A page, and more, written by our expert web hosting team.

But that's not just it!

We have another element which places us above the bar.

We offer valuable reviews.

This value is determined by the personal advice of the team members for each web hosting service. This advice comes from the first-hand experience of the genuine and level-headed team who experiences the services. The members are experts in the vertical and its niches.

The advice is objective and well-researched with that X-factor: the personal experience and know-how of our web hosting writers.

We're not done yet!

We have another approach which is also unique.

This is the active role we take in our readers' search for the top web hosting sites which match up to individual needs.

The internet is thoroughly searched by our team for the best web hosting services when you contact us; it doesn't just come down to passive content.

We Swear by a Professional Opinion

You don't have to worry about any strings attached when you use Top10WebHostingSites.Org. We swear by the commitment to an expert opinion of all things web hosting and its sites.

It is in both our interests to offer genuine advice when you pick a web hosting provider; we have therefore endeavored to turn a complex process into a simple one for you.

We are always excited to play a role in your decision of the ideal web hosting product for your needs.

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