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We noticed that most web hosting reviews lack a certain quality and we pride ourselves on ensuring that we only write top quality web hosting reviews. (You can learn why we're doing this for free, on this page)

We developed a methodical, deep and unique process of researching a web hosting company, in order to bring you concentrated and substantial reviews and articles.

This process includes:

  • Signing up for an account with the hosting provider. We actually pay for hosting and test the system from the inside.
  • Research by experts into every facet of the hosting company.
  • Measuring each host's uptime using a unique method developed by our resident experts.
  • Explore the online presence and user reviews of each brand, and determine if there are significant issues with each provider and whether the user reviews are real or fake.
  • Dive deep into the Terms of Service to tell you about the most important fine print you need to be familiar with.

Our team wants you to fully understand what you're buying, before you lay down a single penny. You can take advantage of our web hosting advice to enhance your knowledge, or ask us a specific question (use the form on the right side, here)

We aim to provide you with all the information you require in our web hosting reviews and to assist you in making the right decision for your specific needs without any regrets down the line.

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